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An Indelible Day - Review

*I received the E-Arc from the author. All reviews are my own.*

"The story accompanies a single day of John C., a man of about thirty. In this short passage of time he has three dialogues with three different people. These dialogues, certainly, have shaped his day and, likely, will exist within him eternally."

I was asked by the author, Cairo Marques, to review his work, An Indelible Day. It’s a quick short story that’ll make you think about how you cultivate relationships. The story follows John C. as he schmoozes away with his therapist, their assistant, and a forgotten ex-girlfriend who wishes to reconnect.

I rated this story 3-stars. I feel like the author was trying to point out a lesson but shrouded it around noncommittal communication. I would have liked to gotten to know the characters a little better to help better the story. Rookie mistakes like grammatical errors were coursed throughout the story, but I can look the other way for a first-time author. The only way to get better is to keep practicing and keep writing.

An Indelible Day is available now.

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