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Blood Debts - Review

*I received a digital copy from Tor Teen via NetGalley. All reviews are my own.*

Wheeeeew! Just whew! I will have to do a double review for this because THIS. BOOK. WAS. A. RIDE. Make sure you check out my Instagram page for that second reaction review because we will be sipping and talking. Anywho, Blood Debts by Terry J. Benton-Walker needs no introduction. We already see that I'm excited about it, and I don't know why dropping the review took me so long. Let's get into it.

"Thirty years ago, a young woman was murdered, a family was lynched, and New Orleans saw the greatest magical massacre in its history. In the days that followed, a throne was stolen from a queen.
On the anniversary of these brutal events, Clement and Cristina Trudeau—the sixteen-year-old twin heirs to the powerful, magical, dethroned family—are mourning their father and caring for their sick mother. Until, by chance, they discover their mother isn’t sick—she’s cursed. Cursed by someone on the very magic council their family used to rule. Someone who will come for them next.
Cristina, once a talented and dedicated practitioner of Generational magic, has given up magic for good. An ancient spell is what killed their father and she was the one who cast it. For Clement, magic is his lifeline. A distraction from his anger and pain. Even better than the random guys he hooks up with.
Cristina and Clement used to be each other’s most trusted confidant and friend, now they barely speak. But if they have any hope of discovering who is coming after their family, they’ll have to find a way to trust each other and their family's magic, all while solving the decades-old murder that sparked the still-rising tensions between the city’s magical and non-magical communities. And if they don't succeed, New Orleans may see another massacre. Or worse."

I had the chance to check out Blood Debts via audio (shoutout to Hachette Audio!), and it was amazing! The full cast comprises Joniece Abbott-Pratt, Zeno Robinson, Bahni Turpin, and Torian Brackett. Let me tell you; I got absolutely no work done listening to this book. It was great that there were no pressing issues because everything had to be put on pause until I finished this story. I highly recommend checking this one out if you are an audio listener.

I want to start this review by saying this is not a Young Adult book. I do not know who decided to classify it as such, but parents and sheltered children will be shocked to read this one. I'm not into listing content warnings because I think they are the biggest spoiler alert, and not many people know how to use them correctly, but let's say it's rated Mature Audiences. You have been warned. Can we New Adult this book, please?!

I didn't know what I was getting into when I approached this book. Books haven't been booking as of late, and I didn't want another 'ehh' added to my roster. This wasn't that. This was all the Sugar Honey Ice Tea I needed to jumpstart my excitement. The story started with a bang, the readers got to learn a magical system, and we got to follow along the mystery and revenge plot of those who chose to do evil.

The highlight of my good time was the drama. The theatrics make you think you're sitting at the Thanksgiving table next to your shit-talking auntie, going at it with everybody who wants smoke. The entire Trudeau family was about that life and made sure to show up and protect their own when one was in need. And it was definitely needed when they were rivaling their family's competitor. My only upset with this book is that it ended on a cliffhanger. So you know we're getting a sequel, right?

Overall I rated this book 5-stars. Blood Debts is a powerful debut, and I can't wait to see the reactions and praises when it comes out. Blood Debts is clearly a book For Us, so don't be deterred by the lack of stars it has yet to produce so far. I've not been terribly wrong in my judgment of books, so I will say it with my full chest, GO GET BLOOD DEBTS!

Blood Debts is available now.

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