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Chlorine Sky - Review

Thank you to Crown Books for Young Readers for sending me a gifted copy of Chlorine Sky. All views are my own.

I was introduced to this book by its beautiful vibrant cover. By now, if you're a frequent reader of The Litt Librarian, you should know I am a sucker for colorful covers. Chlorine Sky by Mahogany Browne is no different. I heard the rumors that this book was styled in verses and was a little apprehensive about picking it up. I mean, look what happened with The House on Mango Street. BUT LOOK AT THAT COVER THOUGH!! I couldn't resist.

Right off the first page, I was immediately hooked. Even though it's styled in poetry form with no rhyme scheme, Browne tells a vivid story of a girl stepping out from the shadows of her best friend. My childhood memories in elementary school came flooding in as I delved deeper into the main character's narrative. Jealously, misplaced loyalty and personal growth is the highlight and lesson in the book with a jaw-dropping ending that will make you reevaluate friendships.

I think it was creative of Browne to style the story in verses. Each poem is its own entity yet, a continuation of the story. I have never seen anything like that, and that's what makes the book special. I really do appreciate it isn't littered with alliterations and allegory. I don't think I would have been able to complete the book.

I also like the self-evaluation of the main character. I think Sky handled her break up nicely for a teenage girl going through life as it's happening. Between losing her best friend, shuffling through rumors, and battling with her mean sister every day, Sky pushes on.

I wish I can tell you the outcome of her narrative, but I won't spoil it. I will say that the plot thickens and turns the story into a complete circle.

I'm rating this book 5-stars. I think it's the perfect coming of age book every little girl should read. It's relatable to the point it had me walking down memory lane of how I handled broken friendships. Congratulations to Browne on her debut novel. This book has a home on my library shelves.

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