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Her Name Is Knight - Review

I'm shocked that I heard very little about this title, but I'm glad I got a chance to read it. In her impressive debut, Her Name is Knight by Yasmin Angoe tells a story about an elite assassin heroine on a mission to topple a human trafficking ring and to avenge her slain family. Women assassins? Yes, please!

"Her Name Is Knight revolves around Nena Knight, codename Echo, a highly trained assassin for The Tribe – a clandestine international organization dedicated to the protection and advancement of the peoples and countries of Africa around the world. Her Name Is Knight is a propulsive character story and action thriller driven by retribution, passion, strength — and coming to terms with your own true self, regardless of what anyone calls you."

I did the audio version for this book, which features Tamika Katon-Donegal, who did an excellent job. I can't imagine the characters sounding any other way without Katon-Donegal's imaginative talents. Because this was a dual timeline narrative, we got two versions of Nena from a young age to adulthood. So for Katon-Donegal to switch up her accents for the role impressed me the most.

Her Name is Knight is the action thriller I never thought I needed in a book. Nena's story kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The story was rich with sordid details from her past in Africa to her adulthood as a fully grown international dispatcher. Even though the book is heavy with topics of human trafficking, murder, and rape, it gives you the satisfaction that Nena uses her newfound power to right the wrongs of people involved in these heinous acts. With a gut-punching ending that I did not see coming, I can't wait to grab my hands on the next book!

Overall I gave this story 5-stars. The entire story is a redemption tale that had me rooting for Nena every step of the way. I am highly interested in Nena's next chapter because Angoe is making her journey a series!!! Bring on the women killers and beautiful covers!

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