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Jester - Review

*I received this audio copy from Netgalley via Macmillian Audio. All reviews are my own.*

Earlier this year, I got a chance to read Jester by Brielle D. Porter, and I had the absolute most fun time listening to this story. There's magic – elemental and rabbit out of the hat, a bit of an enemies-to-lover cat-and-mouse game, smooth street hustling, a courtship competition, and a revealing ending that will have you gasping out of shock.

"What happens in Oasis, stays in Oasis. Lisette’s father killed the King. His execution leaves Lisette alone, disgraced, and without the magic he intended to pass on to her. In Oasis, that’s a problem. Glutted with enchanted performers, Oasis is a sin city where courtiers pay in gold to drink, gamble, and above all, be entertained. To survive on its competitive streets, Lisette peddles paltry illusions in place of magic. Desperate to prove herself, Lisette enters into a deadly competition to be chosen as the highest-ranked magician in the world, the Queen’s Jester. But her rival, the irritatingly handsome Luc, possesses the one thing Lisette does not―real magic. Lisette will do anything to win, but when evidence implicating the Queen in her husband’s murder surfaces, Lisette must choose between redeeming her family name, or seizing the fame she’s hungered for her entire life."

Of course, I took this journey via audio, featuring Reba Buhr's voice. She did a fantastical job making the main character her own and keeping me engaged with the story. I ate this 9-hour and 30-minute audio within a week. I recommend experiencing the sounds if it is available to you.

What I liked most about this story was the spunk of the main character, Lisette. I get it; when your father kills a king and dies for his crimes, of course, the world is going to look at you like you're the problem as well. I love that she didn't take her father's misgivings as unfavorable but instead used them as motivation to be better in life. Yes, she may be a street performer doing next-level stunts here and there, but she has a goal, and that's to be one of the Queen's Royal Jesters so nobody can look down on her again. It's the hustler in her that made me fall in love with her character. Whether right or wrong in a situation, she let her gut and street smarts take charge and guide her life.

Another juicy thing that entertained me was her rival con artist magician, Luc. Luc is every bit of douche but in the "I know they're going to get together later" way. He always has to one-up her and try to steal her shine, yet he still looks out for her whenever a situation gets out of hand. The two were just so stinking cute together!

Between the competition, the underhanded tricks, and the shady hoity-toity first class getting away with whatever they please, Jester was the break I needed from all the mid books I was trudging through.

Overall, I rated this book 4-stars. Jester was a fun read, and I haven't felt this energetic after listening to an audio for a while. I don't remember what made me pick up this book, but I'm happy I took a chance, and I'm so glad to have it a part of my audio shelf.

Jester is available now!

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