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My Teacher Has Tattoos - Review

*I received a digital copy from Soaring Kite Books. All reviews are my own.*

It's amazing how in 2023, there is still a stigma against professionals with visible tattoos. In a time where people need to gain knowledge of inked art in professional settings, I have to give it up to the generation under me for taking a stance and challenging the norms of society. My Teacher Has Tattoos by Darren Lopez is a teachable moment about stereotyping and narrative switching.

"In Xavier's neighborhood, tattoos represent gang membership. After Xavier catches an unexpected glimpse of his new teacher's tattoos, he learns that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the cultural significance of tattoos. Based on real events that took place during author Darren Lopez's first year teaching in Washington DC, My Teacher Has Tattoos is an impactful conversation starter that brings to life the pitfalls of stereotyping in the classroom and beyond."

I like that this book is introduced to a younger audience. With the world changing daily, having these kinds of conversations with tiny humans is pretty smart. Don't get me wrong, you can introduce plenty of other topics to a child, but nobody ever prepares you for individuality. And in this case, it deals with tattoos.

A young boy discovers his new teacher has tattoos and automatically thinks the worst. After a few comments, the teacher conversed with the class about his ink. Nothing is what it seems, and sometimes all it takes is a conversation to get the true meaning of something.

I like that this story is based on a true story. Being accused of being part of a gang must be wild when your tattoos symbolize something greater than street stupidity. I also love the artwork in this book. The illustration on the cover drew me in and kept me there. Bhagya Madanasinghe is a talented artist, and I hope to see more of her work.

Overall I rated this story 4 stars. Lessons were learned, and hopefully, they will transcend with time. This book comes with questionnaires, so parents and teachers can engage with the tiny humans to see how they feel about subjects like this one.

My Teacher Has Tattoos is out now!

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