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Notes Going Underground - Review

Notes Going Underground by Joram Piatigorsky describes the last thoughts of a person who died but hasn’t realized it yet. It is a morbid collection of matter-of-fact, dark stories that teeters on the edge of life and death.

There was no synopsis or overview for this book, so I cautiously started reading. I can’t quite call it a story because it seems more of a collection of observations in a story format. It felt more like a hypothesis of the last thoughts from the deceased before they moved on.

A scientist is the main protagonist who hasn’t come to terms with being deceased in all five chapters. Each person feels like they’re still alive because life is the same as in death. There are minor inconsistencies that question whether they are here or the after-life. Each being asked themselves: Am I really dead? Did my life’s work and accomplishments have a purpose? What is my legacy, and what do people think of me and how I lived my life? Nothing else matters. This is the last will and testament of these souls; hence the book Notes Going Underground.

This collection was indeed enlightening and above my academic level of processing … at this time. I firmly believe this book was meant for a review from the more seasoned critics, and I’m just not there yet, so this is all I have!

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