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On the Hustle - Review

*I received a copy from Carina Trade Press via NetGalley. All reviews are my own.*

After reading On the Hustle by Adriana Herrera, I think I can officially say my get-me-out-of-this-slump go-to Romance genre will always have a Spanish tinge to it. I don’t know what it is about reading romance with a side of Latinx, but it’s sexy. On the Hustle proved this testing theory for me.

"Alba Duarte is the queen of the side hustle.
As the eldest daughter in her crisis-prone family, she’s always stepped up to help. Her favorite gig is doing Instagram-worthy, bookish-themed bedroom makeovers for friends. Her most hated? Working as the assistant to the most gorgeous—and most infuriating—man on earth.
Theo Ganas is a former Olympic swimmer and heir to a bona fide real estate empire. He’s also about as warm and fuzzy as a New York City winter, and quite frankly, Alba has had enough of his ridiculous demands and cold shoulder. When opportunity knocks, she decides to put herself first for once…which means leaving her demanding boss—and relatives—behind.
Her new life in Dallas seems like everything Alba’s ever wanted, until a bafflingly charming and attentive Theo turns up in the Lone Star State with an offer she simply cannot refuse. Agreeing to do a home improvement reality TV show with her sexy, and suddenly flirtatious, former boss is not a good idea, but it just might be the makeover her heart has been waiting for."

I’ll come out and say it; this is one of the goddamn sexiest romance books I’ve read in a while. Whew! Herrera could give Zhane a run for her money. The intensity, chemistry, and downright aching filth described in this book make you wish fictional romances were real. And hey, maybe they are, but it seems like this one was written for the unicorns!

Alongside a lot of lip-smacking and eating (wink wink), the sex did not deter from the story. We have the grumpy ex-boss that turns out to be a hero in all of your favorite films and the feisty Latina who will do anything to make sure her dreams of becoming a bookish home designer come true. I like these characters, even though they both are painstakingly prideful. I enjoyed watching them try to figure out the space between them. While Alba was pretty much in denial, Theo became the man of his word through and through. I liked that for them.

One thing I couldn’t stand (but in a good way) was that we couldn’t see more of the villain in this role. I would have loved to see a conclusion of failure between him and his wife while everyone around them rose to their full potential. That would have been the icing on the cake for me, but I understand the story wasn’t about the audacious couple. Ah, I dream of petty.

I give this story 4.5 stars. Maybe at another time when I’m not tied down with work and deadlines, I can enjoy this book some more. It definitely had me in my feelings, and I’m so happy it was a standalone series that I don’t have to refer back to. Alright, Herrera, you are officially on my radar now!

On the Hustle is available now

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Shakera Blakney
Shakera Blakney
Oct 28, 2022

You have me excited to read this! Great review!

Apr 18, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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