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What the Hex - Review

"When Catalina Cartagena returns home for her older sister’s wedding, she’s shocked to discover that her soon-to-be brother in law is possessed by a demon. To make matters worse, everyone else seems to be under the demon’s spell—except for Diego Paz, younger brother of the groom and Cat’s childhood rival.
With only three days until the wedding, Cat must join forces with her sexy nemesis to break the spell and defeat the demon. If they fail, demonic forces will control two of the most powerful witch families on Isla Bruja.
There’s only one bed at the magical B&B, and it’s time for these witches to get wicked…in more ways than one."

To get into the Halloween and Latinx spirit this month, I listened to the Audible exclusive What the Hex by Alexis Daria. I'm starting to like Daria's writing. It's just the right amount of romance and contemporary that doesn't make it cheesy or unbelievable. Jacqueline Grace Lopez did the two-hour and forty-five-minute narration. Even though it was a short listen, Lopez gracefully brought the characters to life with her voice-over skills. I've only recently started getting into audiobooks, but I can say Lopez kept my attention with her delivery and tempo. Plus, for those who want the smutty details, yes, she acted those scenes out too.

The novella was quick and to the point. Enemies put their differences aside to save their loved ones and end up falling in love with each other. The main character rediscovered her magical potential; Spanish elders will do anything to hook up younger folks and all the corny witchy Spanish puns a girl can ask for.

Overall I rated this a 5-star read. It was to the point, steamy, and an engaging listen. I only wish there was a physical copy of this book to add to my Romance section in my library!

What the Hex is available now!

***UPDATE*** There's a physical copy now!

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