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Who's There? A Collection of Stories - Review

*I received this E-Arc from Book Sirens. All views expressed are my own.*

I started early this year on my spooky reads with this short 100-page anthology, Who's There? A Collection of Stories by Dimas Rio. Set in Indonesia, Rio imagined five tales detailed with gruesome images, suspense, and fear, highlighting death in each story.

"A woman went missing a week before her wedding. A man recalling his nightmarish encounter with the devil. Letters sent from beyond the grave. A call from loved ones who since have passed. Limbs that have a mind of their own.
These ghostly tales of revenge, greed, and desperation writhe and squirm in the dark corners of modern day Indonesia. Rich in cultural undertones that are uniquely Asian, these stories are in equal part grotesque and poetic, irreverent and spiritual, unusual and universal.
Drawing on local folk tales of vengeful banshees, dusk-dwelling monsters, and other forms of the undead, this collection of five short stories will transport readers to the deep, dark abyss where demon forever resides: the human mind."

It was a quick read. Nothing was overly terrifying, but I suggest not reading it at night if you scare easy. With the fright also comes modern dealings with loss, guilt, identity, and awareness.

The stories were a hit or miss – I believe it has to do with Rio's excessive detailed descriptions, but my favorite memorable stories were The Wandering and At Dusk. It's that kind of lore you can pass around for generations to come. The two unrelated horror stories were The Voice Canal and The Forest Protector. I say unrelated because it deals more with sadness and escapism—nothing horrifying with that.

Overall I rated this book 3-stars. It's nothing to rave about, just something quick to dive into. I enjoyed reading stories set in a different cultural setting, so it fulfilled its purpose for me.

Who's There? A Collection of Stories is now available.

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