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Avatar: The Last Airbender - Team Avatar Tales - Review

Actually, I can. This is going to be a concise review since this was a short read. We've finally come to the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender series (for now), and I should have been warned that this was just another collection of comics instead of the main feature.

Team Avatar Tales is a mirror of The Lost Adventures, highlighting small journeys during the last six ATLA anthologies. Compiled by many writers and illustrators, these short stories were standalone issues that were released during Free Comic Book Day.

I honestly didn't have to read this. I could have skipped over this portion of my Avatar fulfillment, but alas, here we are. There's not much to compare with The Lost Adventures because these stories were more random and had singularity endings. I did like the explanation of how Mai and Kei Lo met, but other than that, everything else was a lost interest.

Welp. This book blew the wind out of my sail. I was hoping for a more epic closing to my nostalgic odyssey, and I ended up with this. If I knew Imbalance was going to be the last of the tale, I would have made the review grander! I guess I shouldn't complain. I learned many of the choices and decisions that Team Avatar made had a significant impact on the Legend of Korra's futurity. I've gotten all my questions, and fan-theories answered. This journey down memory lane was pleasant, even though it ended like this. I hope Dark Horse continues to push out ATLA comics, as I observed they've started working on Korra's story and Kyoshi's beginning. But if not, I can rest easy now that I've seen that Aang has saved the world and changed it.

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