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Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise - Review

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

You thought I was playing about being a fangirl of the Avatar series? Well, here's more proof to doubt any naysayers who thought this was a game. Continuing my journey through the Avatar mangas, I grabbed the next chapter of the saga, The Promise, written by Gene Luen Yang. As a disclaimer for those interested in getting the paperbacks, I read a deluxe version that compiled all three books into one.

Picking up exactly where the TV series left off, we begin an era with new troubles. The Hundred Year War just ended, and making the world peaceful again is Aang's top priority. A plan for a "Harmony Restoration Movement" was agreed to safely move Fire Nation colonies out of Earth Kingdom's territory. Everything seemed to be working well until the tension between neighboring provinces started to bubble and clash with conflict.

Meanwhile, Toph opened a new school to teach the ways of metal bending but is having trouble with her students – none of them can metal bend. On top of that, the school's previous owner is demanding a duel for the return of his dojo. It seems like Team Avatar still has more to do to change the world.

Reading The Promise was almost as if Nickelodeon never premiered its final season. The text picks up exactly where they ended, and I feel like I haven't skipped a beat. Everyone now is a little bit older, wiser, and mature. But with the maturity comes hard decisions. I think my favorite character in this story is Fire Lord Zuko and his tug-a-war feelings. For someone who has struggled between right and wrongs his entire life, it was great to see him grow as a leader. Throughout the show, he relied so much on restoring his honor for his father; I like seeing him depend on himself for once.

The Promise opened some hard questions to think about. Everybody wants things to go back the way they were, or how its suppose to be, but what does looking at the past do moving forward? Yang excellently reached deep in his thinking cap for this installment. If only we had Uncle Iroh to serve up some tea and confuse us with ancient Chinese proverbs. Next up in the comic series is The Search!

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