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Kai the Dancing Butterfly - Review

*I received this physical copy from the author. All views are my own*

I received this book from my good friend (Are we good friends? I feel like we're author-blogger friends. I mean, she has sent me all of her published books so far, so I guess we can call that a friendly relationship, right? Whatever, I'm sticking with it, lol), Crystal Z. Lee, as she tackles another children's book entitled Kai the Dancing Butterfly.

"Kai and Ami are dancing butterflies from Taiwan! They have a performance coming up at the Winter Festival dance show in the southern part of the island. They are currently in northern Taiwan, so they need to hurry and start flying south. That's far for a butterfly! Kai is worried about the long journey, and about the big show too. Can Kai step up to the challenge?"

Lee drops off another fantastical story about butterfly siblings journeying their way to the Winter Festival for a dance show. They meet new friends and trade cultural dance moves while showcasing empathy, kindness, courage, faith, perseverance, friendship, and sisterly love.

I will always state this: I love a book I can learn from, and KTDB has plenty of information to indulge in. I think it's clever that Lee did a book about butterflies based in Taiwan because did you know that Taiwan is the Butterfly Kingdom? I surely didn't. I also didn't realize The Purple Crow Butterfly migration is one of the planet's most giant mass butterfly seasonal migrations. If I, an adult, did not know these simple worldly facts, I'm sure they would enthrall a child.

Just like in her previous book, A Unicorn Named Rin, there is geography information, a glossary, a few mythology explanations, and the name of a few festivals you should check out in your lifetime.

Overall I rated this book 4-stars. If I were you, I'd start making shelf room for Lee's children's book series because I'm sure there's more to come!

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