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They Come at Knight - Review

*I received a copy from Thomas & Mercer Publishing. All reviews are my own.*

Author Yasmine Angoe did it again with her sophomore efforts, They Come at Knight, the sequel to her underrated thriller, Her Name is Knight, and did not disappoint. Honey!!! I feel like I'm in the 90s RnB girl group Xscape because who do I run to, to get more of this series??? I think I found something I like outside of the Fantasy realm, and my God, it is refreshing!

"For elite assassin Nena Knight, eliminating dangerous players on the world stage is part of the job. The Tribe, a powerful business syndicate in Africa, ensures that she has those opportunities. But for Nena, the Tribe is more than just her employer; it’s an organization that supports the African people—until it turns on itself.
As Nena embarks on a new mission, a violent siege by a paramilitary group throws the Tribe into chaos, and mysterious acts of violence plague the Tribe’s territories. As the attacks escalate, Nena suspects a different kind of enemy at play: someone on the inside, determined to undermine the Tribe’s leaders.
As this new threat closes in on her own family, Nena enlists a team to root out the danger. But as she gets closer to the truth, she will have to risk everything to protect the future she holds dear—even if it means facing off with an enemy she never expected."

Of course, I continued this story with audio; Tamika Katon-Donegal reprised her narrating role to take us through another audacious and suspenseful feature about assassins.

Like in Book 1, They Come at Knight, heavily detailed action-packed sequences keep you hooked, while the thriller/mystery aspect makes you crave more. I admit that Book 2 doesn't hit as hard as Her Name is Knight, but it's still a pretty entertaining follow-up to Nena Knight's life.

The book's romance was the one thing that stuck out to me. Not to spoil it for anyone, but even though I was happy it returned, it felt convenient. There wasn't much back and forth as I expected it to be. The characters got back into the groove of things too smoothly. The way things ended in Book 1, I for sure thought it would be an uphill battle to get back to where they were.

Overall I rated this book 4-stars. It's only the sequel, but I already can't get enough of Nena/Echo Knight. Though this is considered a standalone series, I recommend reading Her Name is Knight to get a clearer picture of the audacity in They Come at Knight. I devoured the audio in a few short days, so I can only imagine what my speed readers can do with a page-flipping copy. Oh, and before I sign off, guess what? A third installment has been scheduled for later this year. Do you know who will stand first in line at Barnes and Noble? I can't wait!

They Come at Knight is available now.

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